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P272 - are you getting the best advice?

Since April 2017, electricity suppliers have been legally obliged to categorise and bill customers who had been originally classified as “Profile Class 5 to 8 as half hourly (HH). Although in most cases this has not required a change of meter, such clients have been faced with new and additional costs such as site capacity charges, meter operation and data collection costs.

It is a legal requirement for all end-users with a HH meter to appoint a meter operator to maintain their metering and communications equipment that facilitates remote meter reading. Many P272 clients have failed to do so and as a result, energy suppliers have appointed a MOP for the client and imposed further costs that can equate to £600 per annum.

In addition to new MOP costs, energy suppliers are typically charging separately for “Settlement” data collection and aggregation charges. This covers the cost of collecting and processing the data from the HH meter in order to manage Settlement and customer billing requirement.

End-users can appoint their own data collector. The benefits of this approach are invariably a significant cost saving and full access to the HH data which will facilitate better energy management and more effective energy contract renewals.

Our experience would strongly suggest many new HH customers are being charged excessive rates for these new costs, along with facing such issues as being misclassified as sites requiring additional site capacity charges or being allocated excessive site capacity levels which incur significant new costs.

If you believe that you are experiencing any of the above, please give us a call and UCR will investigate on your behalf and establish what commercial savings are available.





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