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Nearly time to open the floodgates

From April 2017, many businesses in England and Wales will be able to choose their water company. Until now, the company you use has been based on your geographical area, but soon the choice will be yours.

You will be able to choose who manages your fresh and waste water, or split them between different companies. Ultimately, the change will allow you to choose based on service and price instead of being allocated a supplier based on where your premises is located.

These changes should drive competition and add variance to the levels of service and reduce costs. Additionally, opening up the market like this will also give the opportunity for companies to introduce alternative methods of measuring and monitoring water use, allowing you to use your water more efficiently and ultimately reduce your overall usage.

We will soon be contacting clients to confirm their eligibility to change supplier, but until then if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your account manager or call our main office on 0116 326 0188.





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